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Gustologia is a mouthful, and we want to keep it that way. 



A remarkable chararacter in the history of Parma, Maria Luigia was much welcomed and loved by its people.

In 1810 Marie Louise was married to Napoleon Bonaparte. A marriage intended to link the Austrian Empire of her father to France's Empire and it did create some peace for a short time.

But Napoleon was abdicated and Marie Luigia and her son fled to Paris, where they found safe ground in Vienna until 1814. It was that time that the Treaty of Paris gave her the duchy of Parma to rule until her death. La Duchessa di Parma influenced many aspects of this provincial city, bringing the gastronomy, the arts, architecture, and the culture of the royal French court to Italy which still credits her influence today.



Banchini takes inspiration from the Duchessa Maria Luigia who became an important figure in the history of Parma. And she adored all kinds of sweets!

These crumbly and buttery biscuits of delight are made with 70% dark chocolate (pictured) and a generous sprinkle of Pink Himalayan sea salt to tickle the tastebuds.

A NEW flavour to be introduced is the heavenly Nocciola (or hazelnut) which is made with white chocolate, and the cookie is studded with little bits of Piemonte hazelnuts.

We fell in love with this latest sablé on our trip to Italy when we visited the Banchini shop in Parma!

July 2022


Starting in July gustologia drops a new box for the summer inspired by Luna's love of s'mores! With Cloud 9 bars, cloud-shaped graham cracker cookies and a Vosges bar, this box is a sure fire winner (get it? nudge nudge).

The Cloud cookies are a real labour of love made with Tuscan Acacia honey, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, creamy butter, and sea salt.

Avaialble only for July and August!

June 2022


It's already June, and it is a special time to respectfully celebrate Pride and social equality and justice with all people, no matter their gender or personal choices.

To be a part, we are offering a sale on Mayana Pride items this month or until supplies last.

APRIL 2022


April saw a lot of "egg action" with festive items from Mayana and Banchini selling out, as well as our very own gu line! Our Easter "Hop Up" was a welcoming spring event with a steady stream of interested customers.

Gustologia offered these cute mini eggs from Italy, and they were a big hit, snatched up by everyone. Filled with a soft centre of either dark chocolate or Gianduia (chocolate hazelnut), and a thin crunchy coating, each variety was hard to resist. We know as we filled all these boxes up lovingly with stickers and ribbons, to make them just perfect for the Easter bunny to hand out on the weekend.

MARCH 2022


We love putting together custom boxes, and honestly, it brings us a lot of joy to create them!!! For Women's Month we have partnered with some social friends to give away our carefully selected items that pair chocolate with cheese, plus nuts and other savoury specialties.

It all comes together with a stamped travel box lined with tasting notes, including a special surprise only the winner will know about! Valued at over $125, it's our way of celebrating all women.



An extra special gathering with friends was organized as a pre Valentines Tea with all the gals. Gustologia helped to make the afternoon fun with sampling and sales of exclusive chocolate items just in time for this day of LOVE and friendship!

We introduced our 'gu' line of small batch seasoned and roasted Italian nuts and yummy bagged goodies.

1960's family picture with convertable car in background

January 2022


If you are looking for the best hazelnuts in the world, where does one go but the wild hills of Piemonte in Alta Langhe to find IGP certified Piedmont Hazelnuts. Here at Gustologia we bring the best to you with our small batch roasting and caramelizing of these small beauties.

What makes these Italian hazelnuts so special and sought after rather than the majority of the world’s standard production from Turkey or USA? It’s all about la terra, il sole 🌞 and the extraordinary conditions in Piemonte that give these hazelnuts their intense aroma, sweet taste, and perfect preservation even after roasting.

Available in limited quantities, so grab them while you can!

December 12 2021


Our first Festive Holiday Event ocurred in December 2021 (between lockdowns!) with a great turnout aimed at chocolate purchases. This invitation only drop in was a chance for everyone to shop and enjoy!

Have an event you'd like us to organize with you? Contact us at and let us know some details!