Mayana Chocolate's concept is straightforward: take the best chocolate and combine it with unique combinations of foods that everyone adores. Utilizing only top-notch ingredients and locally sourced whenever possible, their chocolates are an explosion of decadence in every chocolate & Fleur de Sel caramel bite! Just try to eat one slice... impossible!

Vosges Haut-Chocolat seeks to harness the power of storytelling to open minds, spirits and palates through chocolate, inspiring us all to interact with the world in a more loving and complete way. Their products are award winning combinations of the finest researched ingredients with chocolate that is chef inspired, created, and totally unexpected.

After reviving their family history in 2012 from the discovery of a old recipe book, two brothers from Parma, Italy decided to reopen an artisanal chocolate factory. Their purpose is to create a new era of Banchini family history with top quality chocolate, classic spreads, and rich cookies. Their new foray into Bean to Bar territory has been award winning!

At gustologia we search for the most flavourful products to express our mission about THE STUDY OF TASTE, and gu is an extension of this concept. Our seasonal and rotating items are all small batch, handmade, and lovingly created, so that our customer eats authentically, having the best sensorial experience, and finding simply pure enjoyment.

Antidote chocolate is made with minimally processed, antioxidant-loaded cacao along with luscious bits of fruit, exotic spices and herbs. These bars and flavor combinations delight the tongue and energize everything else. Each bite will take you on a delicious & healthy adventure. It's chocolate that loves you back! Antidote is a woman-owned business and created in Ecuador.

'Little Daily Pleasures' satisfy that desire to reward oneself with the purest pleasure and to be surprised by the magic of sweetness. When Babbi designs its products, they think about people who are seeking authentic specialties. In this way they truly evoke something beyond goodness. Babbi has won the hearts of generations of Italians, and we hope to do the same through gustologia.

LESS IS MORE... This Panettone is produced with only natural mother yeast that has lasted with meticulous care through 3 generations when Nonno Guido started a bread bakery in 1920. The result is a slow leavening of 36 hours which gives lightness to the product with pronounced pockets of air. It's an experience without being heavy. People say they would eat a whole one for breakfast!

Pure Stagioni from Florence produces artisan SPREADS that are clean and refreshing with less sugar and few ingredients. Eat with traditional toast, pancakes, waffles, and gelato, and taste an overwhelming percentage of raw Italian fruit inside. The savoury flavours are equally at home on cheese, or beside grilled meats. As well, the unique container makes it an elegant addition to a Tagliere (board) or scone plate.