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C x C Box · Chocolate times Cheese = !

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This Chocolate x Cheese box has a variety of sweet and savoury items for any palate. So much to taste, and add to any charcuterie or snacking board. Share with a group of friends, or save for movie night!

Here's what's Inside:

· Mayana full bar 100g

· Mayana minis 43g x 2 pc

· Vosges bars, dark chocolate 85 g x 2pc

· Vosges 5 pc Marshmallows in flowpack

· 1 wedge 24 month aged Parmigiano-Reggiano 250g

· bottle of authentic Giusti Balsamic vinegar from Modena - in gift box

·  Poddi Tartufi truffle honey 20g

· gu small batch Truffle Garlic Pugliese Almonds 125g

· EVOO spray in garlic, lemon, sage or pepperoncino 100mL

All tenderly packed inside of a cushioned and corded box that is hand stamped with our gustologia brand. Don't forget the elegant tissue and wax seal.

Also tasting notes are placed inside with pairing suggestions on drinks and accompaniments to add to the fun!

Note that Xpress Shipping (2 days across Canada) is the only option due to warm weather temps.

Customer Reviews

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Niki Walker
Gorgeous gift box!

We were blown away by the beautiful presentation as well as the contents, themselves. The selection is well curated, and every item feels absolutely decadent.