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Buon Viaggio box

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Our Buon Viaggio or "Have a Great Trip" box has some needed comfort when away from home. Two custom gu items are in this box only:

· 2 bars Antidote dark chocolate - Essential pick me up! 65g x 2 pc

· gu Artisanal Popcorn 25g

·  gu small batch organic dried fruit - For a light snack or to accompany some cheese 40g

· 1 bag gu Small Batch nuts - For energy! 125g

· gu bespoke candle - A welcome scent in your room or office to relax; this candle can be tucked into any small tote

Always elegantly sealed and packed with tissue and natural shred for gift giving. Great to bring to your favourite host when visiting!

Note that Xpress Shipping (2 days across Canada) is the only option in warm weather temps.